Go Jaks & Accessories

5 things you need to know about GOJAKS

1. Never use GoJaks as towing dollies. They are for hand maneuvering vehicles into line with your tow truck or loading car carrier beds only.
2. Do not drop or throw them to ground. They need to be placed gently to prevent wheels from cracking and springs from breaking.
3. Do not over pump the foot pedal. Gojaks are designed to lift the towed vehicle just a few inches off the ground. Over pumping will cause your foot pedal to break
4. Do not load GoJaks from above. For example, using a tow sling. Never drop a vehicle onto the Gojak this will cause it to crack the frames wheels and rollers.
5. Do not push GoJaks over curbs, rocks or other obstacles doing this will cause the casters and frames to break

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