24/7 Safety Face Shield


Safety Face Shield 24/7 was designed with the help of doctors and nurses for first responders in the fight against Covid-19 Coronavirus. This Face Shield has a transparent replaceable fog free visor and adjustable head band. Our 24/7 Face Shield is designed to wear all day. This full facial protection comes with our standard-length Face shield that was designed to be worn by those who will be bending their head down a lot during their work day. This Face shield can be used as a sneeze guard and used as a dust particle shield as well. If you will be standing in a line and don t have to bend your head down a lot, we suggest you buy the extra XL replacement Visor. Designed by Idahoans to help keep people safe and keep people employed.

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  • This Full Facial Protection Shield is designed to help protect your whole face from liquid spray, coughs, droplets and offer splash protection
  • Face Shield is comfortable enough to wear all day due to ergonomic shape and foam head band liner.
  • Head band liner is made from EPD/Neoprene/SBR Closed Cell Water Resistant Foam
  • Can be washed with soap and up to 130-degree water and air-dried (light agitation, not dishwasher safe, must remove Face Shield)
  • Can be sprayed with Isopropyl Alcohol and Water Mix and air dried then re-used.
  • Anti-Fog Visor is removable and replaceable in seconds. You can clean Visor over and over and when scratched just quickly replace with our Replacement Visor or Option XL Visor
  • Designed with the help of doctors and nurses during the Covid-19 Outbreak for first responders.

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