Safe All Traffic Commander

Call for Availability

Distracted driving is a danger tow operators and other roadside professionals face every day. Create a safe work zone by getting passing motorists to pay attention and move over with a 3-in-1 Traffic Commander, an incredibly effective Message Board which also serves as an Arrow Stick and Light Bar.

Display 18″ block letters, this LED message board meets federal mandates for roadside messaging. Action words are legible from 1,000 feet and visible from 3,000 feet, giving drivers travelling at highway speeds more than 10 seconds to react and respond.

This unit is operated wirelessly with a WiFi-endabled mobile device. The message board can display both words and arrows, and 16 LED lights installed around the perimeter of the frame serve as a fully functional light bar. Two additional warning lights a relocated on the front of the unit. The Traffic Commander stows flat and can be raided in less than three seconds with powered actuator.

Installation is simple. Four bolts secure it to ta pylon or headache rack, and 20 feet of power and ground wiring is included to easily reach the desired power source. SafeAll recommends wiring this board to a switch in the cab. All other controls are operated wirelessly through the web-based interface.



 Dimensions: 62″W x 26″T x 6″D
 4 sealed LED black bricks (IP67 certified)
 18″T amber words and arrows (MUTCD standards)
 Pre-loaded message library
 10 available color combinations for light bar
 Powered-coated black aluminum frame
 Ventilated and waterproof
 Vibration resistant
 No polycarbonate shell to fade, discolor or fog
 WiFi-enabled operation with mobile device
 Unit creates own hotspot
 Three levels of interface access: Operator, Editor, Administrator

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